Let’s Do This!


OK Monday

What kind of workout person are you?  Are you a 7 day a week workout person, or do you workout 6 days a week?  If you’re anything like me, I tend to not work out Sundays.  I have tried taking the whole weekend off but that just makes it harder for me to get back into the groove on Monday.  So what’s your story?  Please do share. 

Have a great day and an Awesome workout!

How About Some Larry Levine


Totally Better Days & The Garage

The Weekend!

Life Is Something & Don’t Make Me Wait – Special-Peech Boys


To my NY & NJ crew, I give you the Peech Boys


Oh the Memories!!! :O

It;’s Friday Night!


I have a nice bottle of wine and feeling the music!  Going back in TIME,anyone want to play?

Look Good In Your Bikini


Because it is heating up outside, I thought I would post some video tips on how to look good in your bikini.  Have a good workout!

I Give You P!nk, Beyonce & Britney Spears!



The Wife came across this yesterday on FB, and my oh my these musical geniuses ROCK this classic song–also featuring Enrique Iglesias.