Busy Morning for Me!




Ever have one of those days in which you planned ahead to get certain things done and then when the day comes around, everything happens to keep you from staying on track?  Well, that’s just how my day began this morning.

I woke up early, fed the dogs, walked them and had my morning coffee and cigarette (yes I know it’s a dirty habit).  Just as soon as I entered my office my cell started beeping.  I first received a text message and then a message on Messenger and both messages required back and forth responses.

I am just getting to my first post of the day, in which I had planned to have already posted and this was not the originally planned post. Whew!  It’s going to be a busy, busy, busy day for me, I can just tell.  It’s already 10:23 am, and I haven’t even worked out yet.

In any case, I am going to be starting a new business in a couple of months, December or January and I am having the hardest time with coming up with a name I like.  I wonder if you would help me with this.  It is going to be an online Call Center business, and I am trying to come up with a unique name.  Any Suggestions? Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

Well, here’s wishing you a wonderful Monday!  Don’t forget to add a suggested Business Name to this post, I seriously need your help.  Off to workout will be back later with “!0 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes!”  LP

YouTube Music’s New Silent Ad Speaks Volumes for the Transgender and Crossdressing Community


Thoughts With a Dildo in Hand

I tend to watch comedies because there’s already a substantial amount of drama and action in my life and I desperately need the comedy to round it out. My husband likes history too, so we’ve been watching this ridiculous comedy on Hulu called Quickdraw. Despite paying actual currency for a Hulu Plus membership, you’re still subjected to watching a slew of ads – usually 3 at a time. I typically spend that time wondering what the heck I’m really paying for anyway.

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President Obama’s last 9/11 Speech

Barack Obama was a state senator in Illinois when, 15 years ago today, terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, changing the world as we know it. Amid the wave of racial clashes and terrorist attacks in the US and abroad during his two terms, Obama has had to address countless grieving…

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Corn and Shrimps Cakes

I can’t wait to try this one!

Tasty Eats

Corn and Shrimps Cakes Ronit PensoWith wonderful abundance of fresh corn from the farm stand, I can’t help but buy and cook it often. On top of enjoying the corn on its own, I also end up incorporating it in assorted dishes.

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Corn and Sweet Potato Chowder

This sounds yummy!

Tasty Eats

Corn and Sweet Potato Chowder Ronit PensoWith abundance of fresh corn to feed my corn addiction, a couple of weeks ago I felt like cooking some nice corn chowder. The weather was still too hot for such a heavy soup, so I came up with a lighter version for it.
I substituted the regular potatoes with sweet potatoes, and the heavy cream with milk and half and half. I used only a small amount of flour and thickened the chowder mainly by processing part of it in a blender. The result was indeed much lighter than most chowders, but it was still not a summery soup by all means. The solution was to up the AC to almost freezing temperature and to pretend it’s already fall and not the middle of summer – and it worked!
Now that the weather seems to be getting a bit cooler, I’ll be making this tasty chowder again. The colors…

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All You Need To Focus On Is 3 Things ~ The White Witch Parlour

This makes great sense to me.  What do you think? LP

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Happy Mabon to my fellow Wiccans out there.

The crisp autumn wind blows around you. The leaves are changing their colors to sparkling yellow, scorching vermilion and burnished orange. All these signs remind us that Mabon is here. But what is…

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